• Ukraine, Zakarpattia oblast,
    village of Mizhhirya
    st. Khust, 62A

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    Excursion to the tourist Mecca of the Ukrainian Carpathians, the legends of the lake Sinevir

    In the program:
    - photo on Synevyr pass ( scenic views of Borzhava and Verkhovyna mountain ranges);
    - lake Synevyr (legends of the lake, walk around the lake);
    - rehabilitation centre for bears;
    - defense line "Arpad";
    -tasting mineral water from a source .
    The cost of travel: 250 UAH person

    Excursion to the waterfall Shipot and Borzhava mountain valley

    In the program:
    - tasting Mineral water directly from the source;
    - the Shypit waterfall;
    - Sightseeing tour on the chairlift road to the meadow Borzhava.

    The cost of travel: 200 UAH. person.

    Excursion by car on mountain meadows

    In the program:
    - travel the mountains by car;
    - Verkhovyna lunch (bacon, bread, cheese ...).
    Beginning of the journey - Motel trembita, the completion of the journey is on Your wish and according to Your abilities.
    We guarantee You a memorable trip, beautiful scenery, meeting with the local population, living high in the mountains.

    The cost of travel: 2500 UAH per car.


    In the program:
    - paragliding take place in the meadow Borzhava;
    - start with a mountain Great Top or hymba mountains.
    What could be better than to see the earth from the height of bird's flight, feel free to see the earth, roads, rivers, small, almost imperceptible.
    Flights occur only under favorable weather conditions!!!

    The cost of travel: 250 UAH. person.
    The cost of the flight: 1000 UAH.

    Walking tour in the forgotten village Kugbei

    In the program:
    - climb the narrow mountain path to the village Kugbei;
    - an overview of the landscapes, and a visit to the old Church, the monument of IX century;
    - familiarity with older women - two sisters, who can tell about the past of this village;
    - Verkhovyna lunch - bacon, bread, cheese, and ...

    The cost of travel: 120 UAH. person.

    The open-air Museum "Old village"

    In the program:
    - Synevyr pass (the most beautiful pass in the Ukrainian Carpathians, 1000 m above sea level) - pictures on the memory. ;
    - a fantastic panorama of the surrounding mountain ranges;
    - Museum of Ivan Olbracht (Czech writer who wrote a novel about Nicolae Suga - last oprysko Carpathians);
    - Museum under the open sky - the Old village (is Verkhovyna village of the late XIX - early XX centuries);
    - the Museum of the Bohemian school and Soviet school;
    - staravina Church of the XVIII century;
    - Karpatska of uzkokolejna; school sheep;
    lunch in the Museum Tavern Czech Village.
    - Fishing at the trout farm.
    The cost of travel: 200 UAH. person.

    History in stone(the journey to the castles of Transcarpathia)

    In the program:
    - hunting castle schönborn (Molloy castle Transcarpathia);
    castle of love Saint Miklos;
    - Mukachevo castle "Palanok"Here You will see otrestavrirovannuyu srednevekov architecture, ancient courtyards and galleries with exhibitions of contemporary sculpture;
    lunch at the tavern, which is made in the style of Transcarpathia with a kind of Transcarpathian humor.

    The cost of travel: 350 UAH. person.

    Cheese-wine tour

    In the program:
    - tour the cheese factory, tasting cheese, cheese, Urda;
    - visit to farm wild Sika deer;
    - stop in the heart of wicker weaving in Transcarpathia;
    - access to the thermal pools (water temperature is 32*C);
    - tasting Transcarpathian this wine and an interesting story about winemaking in Transcarpathia in the wine cellar.

    The cost of travel: 350 UAH. person.